Our Blueprint to Soffit's LinkedIn Success.

Over Eleven Thousand Followers Gained.
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Three Hundred Thousand impressions and still counting.
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Building a Brand Consistently on LinkedIn

Soffit, a leading IT services provider, approached fastrBuild with a specific goal: to strengthen their presence on LinkedIn, a crucial platform for B2B lead generation and building a professional community. However, an initial assessment revealed a critical obstacle – inconsistencies within Soffit's brand identity across various platforms. This inconsistency, particularly evident on LinkedIn, created confusion for their target audience. It hindered Soffit's ability to build trust and connect with potential clients.

Chapter 1: Identifying the problem

Recognizing the importance of a strong social media presence for Soffit, fastrBuild's team initiated a comprehensive brand audit. This in-depth analysis delved into the core elements of Soffit's online identity, focusing on:

  • Logos and Colors: Consistency in logo usage and color palettes across all platforms.
  • Font Usage: Ensuring consistent and easily readable fonts for all communication.
  • Messaging and Brand Personality: Analyzing Soffit's messaging to identify any inconsistencies and define their desired brand personality.

The findings from the brand audit revealed the need for a brand makeover. Our objective was to create a unified and memorable brand image for Soffit that would resonate with their target audience on LinkedIn and beyond.

Chapter 2: Building a cohesive foundation

Following the comprehensive brand audits, our next step was to craft the cornerstone of Soffit's online presence – a unified brand identity. This involved meticulously refining various elements to ensure consistency and project a clear brand image.

Elevating Visual Appeal with Professional Design

Inconsistent visual elements were addressed first. We collaborated with professional graphic designers who revamped Soffit's marketing materials. This ensured a cohesive visual identity across all platforms, from brochures and presentations to social media posts. Every element now reflected a unified design language that embodied Soffit's brand personality.

Brand Style Guide: A Communication Roadmap

Visual consistency was just one piece of the puzzle. We needed to ensure consistent messaging across all platforms. To achieve this, we developed a brand style guide. This comprehensive document served as a roadmap for all communication, outlining approved fonts, colors, logos, and most importantly, the tone and voice Soffit wanted to project. With this guide in place, every interaction, from a LinkedIn post to an email signature, would consistently communicate Soffit's brand identity.

Chapter 3: Establishing a strategic content strategy

With a unified brand identity established, we could focus on the heart of Soffit's social media strategy – content. We understood that a strong LinkedIn presence goes beyond aesthetics. It's about sparking conversations, establishing thought leadership, and ultimately, generating leads.

Tailored Content for LinkedIn Engagement

A generic content strategy wouldn't suffice. We crafted a plan specifically designed to engage Soffit's target audience on LinkedIn. A meticulously planned content calendar ensured posts were scheduled for peak engagement times. We also used Coda to streamline all the processes. The Coda workspace allowed us to keep a track of all the requests, from ideation to delivery. But quantity wasn't the sole focus. We curated a diverse mix of content formats – insightful articles, visually appealing infographics, and industry-leading thought leadership pieces.

Project Management Workspace

Interactive Content: Fostering a Community

Encouraging passive observation wasn't our goal. We implemented interactive content formats like polls and engagement specific content. This not only fostered a sense of community around Soffit's brand but also provided valuable insights into audience preferences and industry trends.

Chapter 4: Amplifying Soffit's Voice on LinkedIn

The final stage involved maximizing the reach and impact of Soffit's content.

Consistent Posting and Targeted Reach

We implemented a consistent posting schedule to ensure Soffit remained visible in LinkedIn feed. However, simply posting wasn't enough. We employed advanced targeting techniques to reach the decision-makers and potential clients Soffit was looking to connect with. This ensured their content landed in front of the right audience at the right time.

Data-Driven Optimization for Continuous Improvement

Our work wasn't over. We adopted a data-driven approach, constantly monitoring and analyzing social media metrics. This ongoing analysis allowed us to refine strategies, optimize content for better reach and engagement, and ensure Soffit's voice continued to resonate with their target audience on LinkedIn.

This meticulous and data-driven approach paved the way for the impressive results we would soon see.

Chapter 5: The Results

The collaboration between fastrBuild and Soffit yielded impressive results on LinkedIn:

Soaring Organic Reach:

Soffit's organic impressions skyrocketed, surpassing a staggering 214,000 within one year!

Consistent Growth Trajectory:

Soffit gained around 11,000 organic followers within a span of one year!

Increased Engagement:

Page views jumped to 32,635, driven by compelling content and strong brand presence.

Key Takeaways:

Soffit's journey showcases the power of a consistent brand identity and a strategic social media approach, particularly on LinkedIn. Here are the key takeaways for businesses aiming to replicate similar results:

  • Maintain Consistency Across Platforms: A consistent brand image across all platforms is crucial for building trust and recognition. When viewers encounter a uniform brand experience, it fosters trust and makes the brand more memorable.
  • Develop Tailored Content Strategies: Content strategies should be tailored to each platform. On LinkedIn, focusing on industry insights and thought leadership pieces establishes Soffit as a valuable resource within their field.
  • Target the Right Audience: Utilizing audience targeting tools helps reach the most relevant people on LinkedIn and maximize impact. By focusing on decision-makers and potential clients, Soffit ensured their content reached the individuals most likely to convert into leads.

Ready to Shine on Social Media?

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